Features & Benefits

GlobalAction delivers enhanced Business Process Management functionality, redefining organizational efficiency with document workflow solutions that enforce business rules while allowing for global participation.

Web-Based Designer

A web-based graphical presentation of your document makes it easy to create, troubleshoot or revise a workflow activity anytime, from anywhere.

Web Forms Management

Insert a web form into any workflow, creating a link to an eForm, where users can seamlessly enter information. A PDF record of the completed form is automatically documented

Automated Notifications

With the GlobalAction workflow automation software, you can send automatic email reminders to users once a day, once an hour or once a minute based on your schedule.

Real Time Analytics

GlobalAnalytics adds business intelligence to your workflows by providing on demand management reporting on document driven processes.

How It Works

With our document workflow software, users can map their document activities while gaining full process visibility from capture to archival.

Map your Process

It helps in offering customized solutions to end users. They can provide details comprising profile details, authority.

Define The Flow of Information

The e-Stamp buyers need to sign the authorization form for procuring it.

Secure Process Access

Depending upon the profile and plan chosen, the users need to pay e-Stamp fee for set-up of the document/arrangement.

Enforce Business Rules

e-Stamp provider creates a wallet. The user adds money to this wallet and replenishes it as well when required.

Keep Everyone Informed

To keep the process smooth and seamless, the users may need to replenish wallet as and when required.

Maintain Critical Insight

To keep the process smooth and seamless, the users may need to replenish wallet as and when required.

Share Business Intelligence

Valuable data gathered during business processes can now be easily shared with other business applications through our business process management software.

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