In the Cloud or In Your Office - Document Capture Automation Delivered the Way You Want It


Easily capture, classify and validate high volumes of documents including paper, PDF, and even email messages and their attachments. No matter how they enter your organization, capture automation transforms them into usable insights that drive improved decision making and business outcomes.

Document capture automation from Square 9 is available in the cloud with GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services or on premises with GlobalCapture. With Cloud Transformation Services, there is no infrastructure required and your entire digital transformation will be in a fully-compliant, hosted model.

With a broad range of features, it’s easy to see why so many organizations rely on GlobalCapture document capture automation software to help them work more intelligently with their documents



GlobalCapture scans and extracts business critical data from your everyday documents including emails, PDFs, MS Office files and more. With its own business process engine, GlobalCapture delivers a single path for the flow of all business information.


Available as a standalone document capture solution, GlobalCapture is also included with every GlobalSearch® ECM software installation, reducing the expenses related to acquiring, training and supporting multiple product lines. With GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services, you receive GlobalForms and GlobalForms workflow licenses included with every purchase to transform paper-based data collection into a completely digital process.


As a solution modeled to grow easily with your organization, GlobalCapture and GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services both give you the flexibility to purchase only what you need today, while affordably scaling functionality and performance features with your evolving needs no matter whether you choose capture automation in the cloud or on premises.


Design, implement and support your capture workflow at any time, through any modern browser. GlobalCapture makes building out processes easy with components that can be arranged and connected in a variety of ways to create unique document workflows.

Extended Functionality

The modular design of GlobalCapture allows you to easily create a solution that’s built for the specific needs of your organization with flexible features for extending document capture automation.

Cature Essentials

Designed for organizations looking to introduce document capture automation with or without an ECM platform! Release documents to GlobalSearch or choose SharePoint® or OneDrive®. Don't have an ECM solution, ask about releasing to the Windows file system.

Integration With Your MFP

Designed for organizations looking to introduce document capture automation with or without an ECM platform! Release documents to GlobalSearch or choose SharePoint® or OneDrive®. Don't have an ECM solution, ask about releasing to the Windows file system

Save Time with RapidAdapt® Forms Learning

Save Time with RapidAdapt® Forms LearningTrain GlobalCapture to automatically recognize your document formats and apply the correct data extraction rules. With its easy-to-use wizard driven designer, anyone can simply create new forms without the support of IT or an administrator.

Transform paper form processes using GlobalForms®

Stop collecting information on paper and start creating quick and easy custom web forms through a highly intuitive drag and drop platform. You'll eliminate human error, missing information, and speed up data collection. Integrate GlobalCapture with GlobalForms, making capture an integral part of web forms.

How It Works

With the GlobalCapture document capture automation software it’s easy to map document processes on a drag & drop design canvas, where you can define each step of the transformation by arranging document workflow activities.


1. Capture

Providing the flexibility to gather document information from virtually any source.

  • Multifunctional printer
  • Desktop Scanner
  • Email server
  • Watched network directory


2. Classify

Use forms recognition to automatically classify and capture your documents.

 With RapidAdapt® Learning, new forms can be created on the fly for ongoing training of the capture process.


3. Extract

Extract high-value data from your documents through an array of powerful tools, including:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Database lookups


4. Validate

Checking the integrity of your information before it’s released downstream is critical to any type of process automation.

  • OCR confidence reporting
  • Validation checks
  • Data type mismatches


5. Route

Route your documents automatically to a network location or create a new folder based on extracted data.

With automated email notifications, your users will be kept in the loop upon their arrival.


6. Release

GlobalCapture can also release your documents to almost any document management solution, including:

  • File share
  • ECM Platform
  • GlobalSearch

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The GlobalCapture Difference


Building on years of innovation, the advanced functionality of GlobalCapture document capture automation software let's you to work with a greater level of intelligence through powerful anywhere, anytime access.


Available in the Cloud or on Premises

Create powerful workflows and digitally transform your document capture automation in the cloud or on premises. Take advantage of all the cloud has to offer including anywhere, anytime access, reduced implementation costs and controlled risk management with GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services. Prefer an on premise option? Choose our GlobalCapture solution. Our team can help you determine which is right for you.

Infinite Scalability

Optimize GlobalCapture by choosing the capture level right for you. GlobalCapture Transformation Services let's you choose between four levels of capture automation starting at an entry level page count at a low entry level price. GlobalCapture on premises solution has NO per page licensing requirements and scales based on your server processing cores rather than page counts. This means your processes will never shut down unexpectedly at the end of a busy month or year.

Business Process Management Engine

From the GlobalCapture Workflow Designer, users can create, modify, copy, delete, and publish document workflows to connect and automate your unique business processes.

Web Forms Integration

Through GlobalCapture's workflow designer, you can add web forms to your process to create and manage both secured and public forms for an unlimited array of business needs. When you choose GlobalCapture Transformation Services, you'll receive included GlobalForms along with GlobalForms workflow licenses to help you move your paper-driven data collection to a completely digital process.

Powerful Email Processing

Don't just extract information from scanned images! Seamlessly capture emails along with their attachments and search across both to find the information you need.

Sharing with Almost Any Application

High-value data extracted from your documents can be easily shared across the enterprise with the applications you use the most including ERP, CRM, HRM and BPM platforms.

See How Document Capture Automation Can Turn Your Information Into Business Intelligence


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