Give Your Business The Data It  Needs To Perform

A successful digital transformation begins with data you can use. But too often that data is stuck in unusable formats like Paper, PDFs, and Images.

Introducing Accurate, AI-Driven Capture

TransformAI extracts all accounts payable information from invoices, receipts, and more without the use of templates, resulting in:

  • More Accurately Captured Information
  • Significantly Reduced Professional Services Costs
  • Faster and More Convenient Data Validation


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See What Artificial Intelligence Can Do For Your Accounts Payable Process

Eliminate Capture Templates

For cost savings and increased accuracy

Templated document capture requires individual templates be created for each uniquely formatted document. This greatly contributes to the cost of implementation and leads to additional professional service costs each time a new vendor is added or a document's format changes. TransformAI forgoes this approach, saving you from significant expenses both during implementation and down the road.

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Extensive Process Automation

Automate your capture process from start to finish

With flexible, modular workflow creation and a library of pre-designed processes, you can make TransformAI part of a larger digital transformation process that includes multi-level approvals, conditional logic, and data validation steps.

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Supported With Machine Learning

For cost savings and increased accuracy

Ensure information enters your system exactly how you need it

There are many situations where information is printed differently than it's listed in your system, but capture solutions will typically pull this data as written. TransformAI can correct these inconsistencies in your capture process! A one-time entry by an employee will allow the solution to automatically change the extracted information to a desired value every time thereafter.

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